These are the big changes coming to YouTube

NEW DELHI: Google’s video-streaming service YouTube has received a major upgrade. The bunch of changes announced include a new logo and major design revamp for both YouTube app and website. As part of the redesign, the company has also given a new look to its logo. The new YouTube logo consists of black text along with the red play icons. Moreover, the red colour in the logo is brighter as compared to the existing red colour.
The design changes and new features are available on both iOS and Android versions of the YouTube app. The app will now have a white background with the new YouTube logo placed on the left. The navigation tab is shifted to the bottom and the new design also comes with a separate Accounts and Library tabs. Users can now also slowdown or speedup the playback of any video. The feature was so far available in the desktop version only. It will be found under settings menu.
Earlier this year, YouTube introduced the new gesture of double tapping which will fast forward or rewind the video. The company is now working on a new swiping gesture which will be rolled out soon. Along with this, YouTube will also be introducing a new square format for the videos shot in vertical format.

Earlier this month, YouTube announced a new update bringing a new in-app messaging feature to the app. The users will now be able to share videos in the messaging app and chat just like they do in any other app, using texts and emoticons. This also makes it possible to share videos without leaving the app. Besides sharing the videos in the chat, users also get the option to like the chat sent by others.

Source by gadgetsnow..