Five Prepaid Recharge Options For JioPhone Know here

Reliance Jio provides five prepaid recharge options for its customers using its 4G-enabled JioPhone feature phones. The five recharge packs offered by Reliance Jio Infocomm – the provider of telecom services under brand Jio – for the JioPhone are priced from Rs. 49 to Rs. 594. These recharge packs – meant to be used with the company’s 4G-enabled JioPhone devices – come with a validity period between 28 days and 168 days, according to Reliance Jio’s website – In these JioPhone recharge packs – priced at Rs. 49, Rs. 99, Rs. 153, Rs. 297 and Rs. 594, Jio offers high speed data to the tune of 1-84 GBs for the respective validity periods, among other features.


Out of the five recharge packs, the monthly packs of Rs. 49, Rs. 99 and Rs. 153 come with a validity period of 28 days each, whereas the long-term packs of Rs. 297 and Rs. 594 have validity periods of 84 days and 168 days respectively, according to the Jio website. These prepaid plans work only if the mobile SIM card is in a JioPhone device, the company mentions.

Prepaid recharge packs for JioPhone devices:-

Plan (price in rupees) High speed data benefit (in GBs) Validity period (in days) SMS
49                      1                28              50
99                      14                28              300
153                      42                28              100/day
297                      42                84              300
594                      84               168              300

Rs. 594 JioPhone recharge pack :-

JioPhone recharge pack of Rs. 594, Reliance Jio offers a total 84 GBs of high speed data with a daily limit of 0.5 GB, for a validity period of 168 days……..Read More>>


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