Buy this fidget spinner phone in just Rs 726

In a bid to be unique, OEMs are trying to come up with different types of smartphones. Huge screens with bezel-less displays have become a trend. Even Nokia, by HMD GLobal, are playing on the nostalgia card by bringing back Nokia 3310 and Nokia Banana Phone 7710. But have you ever heard of a phone what is so small that it can be used as a fidget spinner! Now you can!


Small feature phones have been around for a while, but after the worldwide trend toy – fidget spinner, it was the matter of time when someone would combine the two to make one of a kind novelty product. The first Fidget Spinner Phone was launched by a brand called Chilli in India back in September last year. It still has a price tag of Rs1079 on Snapdeal. However, there is another brand called Cherry Fidget Spinner Phone. Now, this brand is offering a similar type phone at a much lower price.

On, you can buy the Cherry Fidget Spinner Phone for as low as Rs 968. The original price of the Cherry Fidget Spinner Phone was Rs 1599. However, from the price of Rs 968, you can get even more discount of Rs 242 if you use the coupon code – AMAZING25 on

If you think that this Fidget Spinner Phone can offer nothing more basic calling and be a toy – Fidgit spinner, then you cannot be more wrong. This Cherry Fidget Spinner Phone comes with built-in Twitter, Facebook & Whatsapp applications. The device has FM Radio, supports Bluetooth & Micro USB, even has Dual Sim capabilities as well. It even has a small screen of 3.65 cm.

It is obvious, that this Fidget Spinner Phone cannot compete with your regular smartphone, but it can be something to simply play around with.




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